“Когда я обратился к вам за помощью, я переживал один из самых ужасных периодов в моей жизни.
У меня было около 50.000 долларов долга, работал на стройке,которую закрыли 2 месяца назад и что делать,как платить рент и минимальные платежи каждый месяц – просто не представлял.

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Just as there are many different ways you can get into debt, there are a number of different solutions for getting out of debt.

The number one reason consumers finally seek credit counseling is credit cards debt.

If you start missing loan payments or paying your credit card bills late, chances are you have a debt problem.

When you are loaded with debt you are giving thousands of dollars away every year to banks and creditors.

Once you are free of debt you will be in a position to sponsor a child in Third World country; give money to a charity; buy a round of drinks; spoil your kids with a vacation or financially secure your retirement.

Wouldn’t that be a lot more satisfying than handing over your money to some large, faceless corporation?

. It’s not easy to become debt free and make the wise decisions we should be making.

Just wanting to make changes and get out of debt is not enough. There is no magic debt solution.

There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed about your situation.

We try to figure out the best possible way to resolve your financial problems.

It may be debt Consolidation loans or working with creditors to get the interest stopped and reduce payments on your credit cards.

In some cases you can make a Proposal to your creditors to set up a payment plan that will allow you to pay your creditors only portion of you debts ( usually 20-25% of ALL your debt).

Filing for Bankruptcy is the ultimate solution to taking control of your debt and provide immediate relief from legal actions by creditors. Your creditors cannot take any action against you to collect any unsecured debt.

Personal Bankruptcy allows you to get rid of your debt and ,in most cases, keep all your assets.

You need a plan of action to get out of credit card debt because financial problems don’t go away on their own,

If you really want to do so, I guarantee that you can do it.

Remember, not all financial problems need to result in Bankruptcy.

There is a solution for everyone!

We understand the difficulties that you are going through.

Our professionals will guide you in a process of getting you out of debt.

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